Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Frequent Questions About Child Support

When parents are not acting in their child’s best interest, family lawyer in Edmonton says they are putting in Jeopardy but they hold most dear. Often, parents are acting out of fear of losing their child, and they are also acting out of fear of not being able to see their child any longer. However, if they don’t put their child at the Forefront of all of their decisions, both parents are putting their relationship with their child in Jeopardy.

Therefore, parents need to understand how important it is to put the welfare of their child first, when they are navigating custody and child support Arrangements during their divorce.

Parents often have a lot of questions about custody, that can help them make even better and more informed decisions. family lawyer in Edmonton says the most common question they get by parents who are separating or divorcing is: what is the most common custody agreement, is it sole custody for the mother, sole custody for the father, or joint custody. Parents needs to understand that while sole custody used to be awarded many years ago such as 20 or more.

This is less common, because courts, lawyers and parents understand how important it is for children to see both parents on a regular basis. Because of this shift, parents are more than ever sharing custody of their children. By shared custody legally means parents that are either sharing the time between children equally at 50%.


Or, they might Have a slightly different breakouts, of having custody of the children 40% of the time while the other parent has custody 60% of the time. However, family lawyer in Edmonton says that parents need to understand that any more of a shift away from this, is legally no longer considered shared custody.

The second question that parents often have when it comes to understanding child support and child custody is: what is the best possible outcome regarding child custody? family lawyer in Edmonton says it’s very tempting for parents to wants to have the absolute perfect answered delivered to them.

However, they need to understand that this decision is going to be what is in the best interest of their child. They need to set aside their own fears, and their own Petty differences with each other in order to end up with an agreement that is truly in the child’s best interest.

The third question that parents often have is: what makes a dependant child? family lawyer in Edmonton says that many people assume that once their child is the age of majority, they are no longer dependant. However, an illness, a disability or going to post-secondary could prolong their dependant status. Therefore, parents needs to understand if their child falls under the special Provisions, so that they can end up with a custody and child support agreement that is in everybody’s best favour.

When parents are armed with true and proper knowledge, family lawyer in Edmonton says they will be able to end up making a decision that is best for everybody, and what is best for everybody is what is ultimately best for their child. When parents make this decision, their child wins, and that’s what’s the goal should be.

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Questions About Child Support

Even though most people get married not with the intent to get divorced, family lawyer in Edmonton says it is going to happen to 40% of all Canadian marriages. Unfortunately, 25% of these marriages are also going to end up involving children. While divorce and separation can be very stressful for everybody, parents need to take into consideration how truly stressful it is on children, and minimizing that stress should be one of the parents number one goals.

Parents can do this by being armed with knowledge, and understanding all of the options they have with custody and child support.

One of the first questions that parents often have for family lawyer in Edmonton is, what is child supports? Ultimately, many parents get this wrong, and make the assumption that the parents that is paying child support is paying for 100% of the child’s expenses. However, the federal guidelines makes this very clear that that is not the intent.

The intent of Child Support is to help offset the cost of the custodial parent’s expenses of paying for the shelter, food, clothing and utilities of raising their child. Since both parents are fiscally responsible for their child, the custodial parent should not bear the financial burden of raising that child. The federal guidelines are in place to ensure that both parents are approximately paying for an equitable share of raising the Child.

The second question that parents often have is: if they don’t come to an agreement together, can they go to mediation? This is an absolute important question for a family lawyer in Edmonton. Because parents should do everything in their power to avoid relinquishing their decision-making power to the courts.


While the courts are going to do everything in their power to ensure that what is best for the child is decided. However, parents need to understand that what is best for the child can only be decided buy the parents. And once the court is involved, the parents are completely and wholly unable to change that decision.

Therefore, if parents truly cannot come to a decision, mediation is preferred. Mediation can help ensure that parents come to an agreement together, that is looking after the best interests of their child.

The third question that parents often have is: how is child support calculated? If parents are going according to the child support guidelines on the federal government’s page, it is a very simple calculation that takes both parents income into consideration, plus the number of children that they have.

It’s a straight calculation that gives parents a chart based on a variety of salary options, and a variety of number of children in the relationship. By figuring this out, parents will be able to understand exactly what they are entitled to or what they are expected to pay for child support.

Ultimately, families can do what’s best for the dependent children if they learn about custody and child support. It can be an overwhelming experience but when parents make the decision with their child’s interest at heart, that can make the decision a lot easier.