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Alberta Family Mediation Society (includes a list of mediators as well as parenting coordinators)

Family Mediation Canada (includes a list of mediators)

ADR Institute of Alberta (includes a list of mediators as well as arbitrators)

Family Mediation (free mediation services offered by the government of Alberta to assist with child related issues where one of the party’s income is below $60,000)

Collaborative Divorce Edmonton (find a Collaborative Divorce Professional in Edmonton and Area to help you stay out of court and learn more about Collaborative Divorce)

Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association (includes a list of Registered Collaborative Divorce professionals practicing in your area as well as an explanation of Collaborative Divorce)

Divorce Differently (watch this short video: Why Choose Collaborative Practice)

Collaborative Divorce (watch this two-and-a-half-minute video)


Parenting After Separation (information on the mandatory course for parents going through divorce or court process)

Parenting After Separation (to register for the free in-person course)

Successfully Parenting Apart: A Toolkit (a resource by the Canadian Bar Association, Family Law Section in partnership with the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family, to provide some of the best resources available on co-parenting in ways most effective for children)

Practical Suggestions in Parenting Disputes for Separated Parents (the title says it all)

Divorce by Mayim Bialik (a short video on how to parent better while apart)

Voice of the Child of Divorce (a short impactful video)


Child Support Tables (an explanation of the Federal Child Support Guidelines)

Child Support On-Line Look-Up (find out how much child support is payable)

About Spousal Support (an explanation from the Federal Department of Justice)

Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (more information from the Department of Justice and further links to understand the Guidelines)

Maintenance Enforcement Program (the program which administers collection of child and spousal support in Alberta)

Child Support Recalculation Program (a provincial program which can automatically adjust the amounts of child support)

Child Support Resolution Program (a mandatory program for all self-represented parties dealing with child support)


They Say that Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Tips for making it easier (Co-written by Ken Proudman and Marla S. Miller, Q.C. chock-full of advice, helpful hints and other links and resources)

Alberta Courts Home Page (with links to the three levels of Alberta courts)

Alberta Court of Justice – Family (for access and information about the court and relevant laws)

Court of King’s Bench of Alberta – Family (for access and information about the higher court and relevant laws)

Family Law Forms (such as a Statement of Claim for Divorce, etc.)

Family Court Assistance (help with preparing for Family Court, accessing the court system and resolving your parenting dispute)

Dispute Resolution for Families (information from the Government of Alberta about different dispute resolution options)

Family Law Assistance (family court and mediation, family law kits, and how to respond to a Divorce Act or Family Law Act application)


Tax Matters Toolkit for Clients (a resource by the Canadian Bar Association, National Family Law Section, to provide information regarding taxes applicable to separation and divorce)


Consent to Travel with One Parent (required to travel outside of Canada when a child is not travelling with both parents)

Skype Laughing Chain (because if you made it this far, you deserve a reward and what’s better than a good… no make that a great laugh?)