Family Lawyer in Edmonton | What Parents Should Know About Child Support

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | What Should Parents Need to Know About Child Support

Parents may often be very overwhelmed when their marriage is breaking down so as family lawyer in Edmonton. However, if they have dependant children, there divorce has just become a little bit more complicated, because they have to figure out custody and child support agreements as well. There are many things that parents need to take into consideration when they are navigating this world. And ultimately, no matter what decisions they end up making, as long as they are making decisions with the best interest of their child in mind, they are going to end up making the right decisions.
The first thing that parents needs to understand, is if their marriage has dependant children in it. Many people may not think that they have dependant children in their marriage. However, this is not always the case. family lawyer in Edmonton says that people needs to understand that dependant children are going to be considered dependant even if they are over the age of majority if they are going to post-secondary institutions, or if they are ill or disabled. Therefore, parents need to take into consideration not only the custody and child support of these adults dependents. But also take into consideration how long they’re going to be dependant for, because that can significantly alter the agreements that they come up with.
The next thing that parents should keep in mind is that if they go with sole custody of the children, they have no choice but to use the federally mandated child support guidelines for child support payments. Even if parents have decided to come up with alternative Arrangements, family lawyer in Edmonton says that this is not going to be accepted by a judge. Therefore, in order for parents to end up with an agreement that will allow a judge to divorce them, if one parent has sole custody, the other parent will owe the child support as outlined on the Federal Government website.
However, a very important thing for parents to find out, is that if they have shared custody, which is either a 50% and 50% split of the children’s time between the parents. Or it could be a 40% and 60% split,  Then parents don’t need to adhere to the federally mandated child support payment guidelines. Ultimately, the reason for these child support guidelines is to help  the non-custodial payment offset the cost of raising a child to the sole custodial If neither parent is the sole custodial parent, there’s no need for the federally mandated Child Support guideline. family lawyer in Edmonton says that parents can come up with an agreement themselves. However they need to understand that a judge will be approving this. So if it’s not Equitable for everybody, they may be asked to come up with an alternative plan.
When parents are able to understand custody and child support as well as what this means for their children, family lawyer in Edmonton says they will be able to make decisions much more easily. Ultimately, parents should be making decisions but their child’s best interest in mind. And when they are able to do this, the decisions they make will be the best ones for their kids.

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | What Parents Ought to Know About Child Support

Many parents may not realize the significant amount of divorces that happened in Canada says family lawyer in Edmonton. Almost half of all marriages in Canada end in divorce, and 25% of these marriages involve children that are dependents. This means a lot of parents are going to have to navigate this  foreign world of understanding child custody and child support. However, parents need to understand that by putting their child’s needs first can help them make the best decision for everyone.
One of the biggest problems that parents often have when it comes to  negotiating at child custody and child support is they have already had a marital breakdown in communication. If this is the case, they should talk to family lawyer in Edmonton because they are able to arrange mediation. What mediation is, is a neutral and third-party lawyer who is not able to give legal advice. They will help each parent specify what’s important to them, and help come up with a solution that is beneficial to everybody. The benefits of mediation, is that it is put on by a lawyer, so they know the legal requirements of the laws, and they will help ensure that both sides come up with a custody and child support agreement that will be upheld in court.
However, parents who are going to mediation in order to figure out child custody and child support issues needs to understand several things. First, before the mediation is over, they need to have their own, independent lawyers look over the agreement to ensure it is both in their client’s best interest. family lawyer in Edmonton says this way, people can take it into advisement that’s no matter what decision they come up with in mediation, their lawyer will advise them if it happens to not be their best decision.
 parents need to be aware of what’s at risk if they are not able to come to an agreement during mediation, collaboration or some other step says family lawyer in Edmonton. If they can’t decide, they will put the decision to the course to make that decision. And this is the worst case scenario. Ultimately, the court attempts to create decisions that are going to be in the best interest of the child. However, Nobody Knows the best interest of the child like the parents do. And if parents don’t want the other parent to be making decisions about the child, imagine how awful it would feel to have a judge, a complete stranger make those same decisions. Not only that, but it would cause parents to lose all control, not being able to overturn or discount those decisions.
 With what’s at stake, ultimately the happiness of their children, should help ensure that parents are negotiating child custody and child support issues with each other, for the best interest of their child. When they do that, parents will ensure that their child well win in the end says family lawyer in Edmonton.