Family Lawyers Edmonton | Why Mediation is Important

It is very important that when people are ending their marriage, they are doing so in a respectful manner to ensure everyone gets what they need out of the process says family lawyers Edmonton. And in order to do that, hiring a mediator is often an important first step. Even before both parties hire a lawyer themselves, mediator is a great place to start the process. A mediator is a neutral third party person who is going to help both parties reach an agreement of what is most important to them.

Contrary to what most people believe, they can hire a mediator even before they hire their own lawyer says family lawyers Edmonton. And while a person will need to retain the lawyer prior to the end of the process, the first meeting can be done before either party hire someone to represent them. Many people think that they must get a lawyer first, which ends up adding to the expense of the divorce.

When a couple is planning on ending their marriage, a mediator will help them negotiate what is the most important thing to get out of the process. Therefore, it is very important that both parties prepare prior to the first meeting, and know what they should be bringing. Family lawyers Edmonton says that people do not need to worry about bringing all of their documentation and legal paperwork to the first meeting, because it is often not something that is actually needed. They will be able to discuss during mediation what is the most important documents they need, and then decide who will be in charge of bringing those documents. This way, each party will show up to the first meeting without any legal documentation, which is an important first step to ensure they are establishing trust and transparency immediately.

What the parties do need to bring however, is a list of the things that are most important to them. Family lawyers Edmonton recommends that people mentally prepare for mediation by thinking about their core interests and values as well as what their fears are. If people can think about these things, write them down and bring that list to mediation, mediator will be able to figure out what is most important to both parties, in addition to ensuring things like house or money is split fairly.

Often, people are worried about coming to mediation before they have a lawyer, because there is a power for knowledge imbalance. However, hiring a mediator can also help with that, because they are a neutral third party that is going to help each side understand the process. Also, before an agreement can be signed at the end of mediation, the parties will need to retain their own lawyer, and get legal advice on the agreement.

By hiring a mediator, couples who are facing divorce can ensure they are going through the process calmly and respectfully. This is extremely important, especially because many couples who are going through the process are no longer able to communicate calmly with each other. By hiring a mediator prior to hiring lawyers, people can ensure that they are coming to an agreement without having to the gate.

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The divorce rates according to stats can is that 38% of all marriages will end in divorce, family lawyers Edmonton says couples who are facing this process can be significantly helped by getting mediation. Mediation is a way for both parties to be listened to, and have a place where they can express what is most important to them. This is often an easier and faster process then both sides hiring a lawyer and litigating.

In some cases, both parties are unable to speak calmly to each other, and in this case, mediation can be especially beneficial. A good mediator will ensure that both parties understand that there are rules of conduct, and mediator will also work to ensure that people are not interrupting each other, that there is no yelling and absolutely no physical contact. By establishing these rules of conduct can help both parties negotiate the terms calmly.

However, sometimes this is not enough for both parties to be able to meet calmly. In this case, a mediator can still work if both parties are not in the same room. By going between two different rooms, a mediator can still ensure their coming to an agreement with both parties. Family lawyers Edmonton says while this takes much longer, because information especially nonverbal can be lost, this option is still a much better, and less expensive option then both parties hiring lawyers and waiting it out in courts.

However, if people are feeling fearful, or need to feel assured that they will feel safe and be treated respectfully, they should tell their mediator ahead of time says family lawyers Edmonton. This way, the mediator can make arrangements in advance to have them arrived to the office at separate times, as well as leave at separate times and assure that they are never left alone with each other, for example in reception. By communicating with their mediator, both parties can ensure that they are safe, and going to be treated respectfully at all times.

In between mediation sessions, it is also important that clients are continuing to work to ensure all of their issues are addressed. Family lawyers Edmonton suggests that both parties carry a notebook with them at all times, so any time they think of something that was not addressed during a mediation session, or any time they have a thought or worry, he can write it down and get up with the mediator at their next appointment. This way, they can have assurance that everything that is most important them is being addressed.

While nobody ever gets married thinking that it is going to and in divorce, hiring a mediator can help ensure the process goes smoothly for everybody. Hiring a mediator is a great way for people to ensure that they are being listened to, and that they are ending up with an agreement that addresses all of what is most important to them. If people are thinking of ending their marriage, talking to a mediator first can be an important first step.