Family Lawyers Edmonton | When to Start Mediation

Many people are unaware of when the mediation process needs to start says family lawyers Edmonton. they often believe that this is the process that happens after their unable to reach an agreement with their lawyers. However, if people who are contemplating divorce hire a mediator as their first step, they can actually save themselves time and money during this difficult process.

People need to understand that they can hire a mediator at any time, and that they do not actually need to have retained a lawyer first. While many people are not comfortable going to a mediator without talking to a lawyer first, family lawyers Edmonton recommends that people come to their first mediation appointment in order to understand the process, and get a feel for what it will be like. By understanding that no decisions will be made during the first meeting, can help both parties gain an understanding of what the process is like.

A mediator will contact both parties prior to the appointment so that they can ensure both parties understand what the purpose of the meeting is for, so that no one is caught off guard during the meeting. They will also ensure that they know what they should be bringing with them, and this is a great time if one or both people feel like they would be at risk during the meeting. By contacting everyone ahead of time, a mediator can already set the tone for how the meetings are going to look.

While people believe that they need to bring all of their legal documentation to the meeting, family lawyers Edmonton says this is not necessarily required. There are even some standardized lists that some mediators use to help people come prepared to the meeting, but good mediators will not ask for any legal documentation for the first meeting. The reason for that, is because what legal documentation is needed is not always known ahead of time. Each divorce is completely unique, and there is no points in having clients waste time looking for legal documentation that might not be needed. What this can also do, is ensure that the mediator is establishing trust right away, if both parties come to the meeting without legal paperwork.

The one thing that people should be bringing to the meeting however, is a list of everything that is most important to them. Family lawyers Edmonton says this does not include a list of the money that they want to get, or a list of their property, because good mediators will know all of the legal requirements that need to happen. What they are looking for in this list, is to understand what is most important to each person emotionally. This can help ensure that they are helping both parties come to an agreement that addresses what they need.

When people were thinking of divorce talk to a mediator first, they can lay the groundwork for a respectful, and smoother divorce. This is going to guarantee that the process is easy, but a mediator is going to be much easier process then hiring lawyers and writing in court. Therefore, couples who are experiencing a marital breakdown and are discussing divorce, can set up a meeting with the mediator and find out what their next steps are.

Family lawyers Edmonton | When To Start Mediation

One of the reasons why people do not understand when to see a mediator says family lawyers Edmonton, is because they have not been through a divorce before. Stats Canada says that 38% of all marriages in Canada and up in divorce. Often, when a person is going through divorce, they have never been to one before, and they are not sure what the first step they need to take is. Often, people believe that hiring a lawyer as their first step, and while that is not necessarily the wrong place to start, hiring a mediator can help people reach an agreement before their lawyers start talking to each other.

Many people believe that they need to have a lawyer in place prior to setting up mediation, and that they actually need to bring their lawyer to come with them to mediation as well. Family lawyers Edmonton says that the vast majority of people who are attending mediation sessions are coming without their lawyers. Although, if a person is more comfortable bringing their lawyer with them, this is something that can be accommodated.

Another misconception that people often have about mediation, is that they are going to meet separately with the mediator. family lawyers Edmonton says that separate mediation can be done, if the marital breakdown has been so significant that both parties cannot be in the same room with each other, this makes the process much more difficult. The reason why it is more difficult, is because a lot of communication is nonverbal, and is lost when a mediator is going from one room to the other. Not only is it harder, it is also a much longer process, that can adds to the expense. However, people should understand that if this is the only way that mediation can happen, it is still a better and less expensive option than hiring lawyers and litigating.

If people are feeling like they would be at risk by coming to mediation, they can communicate that there mediator ahead of time, so that arrangements can be made in advance to protect both parties. This can include things like ensuring they have different arrival and departure times, that they are coming into and out of different entrances, and that they are never left alone and reception. Family lawyers Edmonton says ensuring the safety of both parties is a mediators prime concern.

No matter what state a couple’s relationship is in when they are thinking of divorce, whether it is amicable or volatile, they can be helped immensely by speaking to a mediator and coming to an agreement ahead of time. By doing this, people can ensure that they are communicating and being heard but what is most important to them, and coming up with an agreement that is fair for everybody.