Family Lawyers Edmonton | What Should People Know About Mediation

One of the first things that people should understand when it comes to dissolving their marriage says family lawyers Edmonton, is that a mediator can significantly help the process. Stats Canada says that 38% of marriages in Canada and up in a divorce, which means there is a significant amount of people that are going through this process, who never expected to find themselves in this situation. When people are not prepared, they are less likely to have researched all the correct ways, another they find themselves in the situation, they are often very emotional, and less likely to make informed decisions. Therefore, it is very important that people understand what the first steps should be when their marriage breaks down, so that they can with process as painlessly as possible.

One of the first things that people do not understand when it comes to mediation, is that anyone can hire a mediator at any time. Many people believe that only a lawyer can arrange mediation, or that it is only necessary once the communication between two people break down. However, family lawyers Edmonton says that hiring a mediator before communication breaks down is actually a great idea. This way, people can talk calmly and rationally with a mediator, and ideally reach an agreement before it ever gets to that point says family lawyers Edmonton.

In the unfortunate event where people are already finding it difficult to communicate with their spouse, because the marriage has already been so volatile, hiring a mediator can help avoid getting to the litigation stage with lawyers. This not only can save a lot of time, but save a lot of money as well. And also, if it gets to the litigation stage, and a judge has to make a judgement, the judge could make a decision that makes nobody happy. Therefore, coming up with an agreement ahead of time can ensure that even if both parties do not end up with exactly what they want, they are also not ending up with something that they neither of them want either.

When it comes to hiring a mediator, people can understand that they can do that even before they retain a lawyer present themselves. And in fact, can be a first step in the process says family lawyers Edmonton. The reason why, is because obtaining a lawyer costs money, and every time a person by making an appointment to see a mediator first, can help people understand if that is a mediator they want to work with, and get an idea of how the process is going to go. It may look like it is going to be very difficult, and in that case might want to retain a lawyer sooner. If the process is fairly applicable, and the mediator believes that they are going to be able to get to a agreement fairly easily, that can also help people understand when the best time to hire a lawyer will be.

Family Lawyers Edmonton | What Should People Know About Mediation

The simple fact of the matter is, most people who get married never expect that they are going to have to go through a divorce says family lawyers Edmonton. And most people need to understand, that getting a divorce does not necessarily mean they hate each other. In fact, a quote by Deborah Reamer says that Ngo does not mean you do not care about someone anymore, it is just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself. By understanding the process of mediation can help both parties get an agreement that works for them, without having to use lawyers to fight it out.

The first thing that people need to understand when they hire a mediator, is that even though the mediator is likely a lawyer, is well-versed in the law, they are hired to be a completely neutral third-party person, who not only will not let is not allowed to give legal advice. This will ensure that they can work impartially with both sides to negotiate an agreement to legal issues. However, people need to keep in mind that even though there mediator is a lawyer, the fact that they cannot give either party legal advice, they must seek that legal advice from their own lawyer that they must retain.

Ideally, family lawyers Edmonton says that people will be hiring their lawyer prior to completing mediation. The lawyer must be satisfied and up old the agreement that the mediator comes up with, therefore, if they come into the process partway through, they can help advise how the rest of that goal, is set up getting to the end, reading the agreement, and then realizing that they need to make some changes in order to protect their client’s best interest. Therefore, people do not need a lawyer they start to mediation, but they need to have a lawyer before they finish it.

In some rare cases, parties may insist that their lawyers attend mediation with them. While this is not unheard of, it is far less common. Partly because the mediator should be able to negotiate with both parties well enough, and to keep order. However, if people wish to pay for lawyer to sit in on the mediation appointments, it is something that can be accommodated.

The next thing people should understand, is that prior to meeting with the mediator, they should be speaking with them on the phone in order to hear the list of rules they should abide by meeting, and be able to ask any questions about the process. The rules of conduct typically ensure that people do not interrupt or speak over each other, that nobody raises their voice or yells, there is definitely no physical contact. If people are worried about being at risk either before or after the appointment, they should bring that up there mediator ahead of time as well, so arrangements can be made.