Family Lawyers Edmonton | What Can a Mediator Help With?

Even though the majority of the people who get married are not expecting to get divorced, family lawyers Edmonton says that 38% of all marriages in Canada and in divorce. Therefore, all of the people who are getting divorces never expected to see themselves there. Because of this, many people are unaware of the first steps that they need to take in order to start the process. One of the most beneficial things that a couple can do when their marriage breaks down, is hiring a mediator to help them come to an agreement.

A mediator is a neutral third party person that will work with both sides to come to an agreement. Unfortunately, by the time a marriages at the point of breaking down, communication is often already lost, which is why it is important for a couple to have a third-party negotiator. Even if the communication is not strained at this point, having a negotiator to help work through all of the race legal issues that must be thought about for divorce is very valuable.

Many people believe that they have to hire a lawyer first prior to their mediation appointment, but family lawyers Edmonton says that this is not true. Their recommendation is actually for people to come to their first mediation appointment understanding that no decisions need to, or are going to be made in that first appointment. This will allow both parties to get a sense of what the process is like, and if it is going to be a long process or short one. Then, they can make the decision on when to retain their own lawyer.

Even though it is not necessary for people to hire a lawyer prior to mediation, it is important that they have a lawyer prior to completing their agreement. The reason why he says family lawyers Edmonton is because each party’s lawyer must be reviewed by lawyer, to ensure the agreements that has been reached is there for both parties, and that their client is fully aware of what they are agreeing to, and of all the options they could have chosen.

It is also important that people understand that as a mediator is a neutral party, they are not allowed to give a device during the mediation process. However, the lawyer that each individual retains will be giving them advice. By hiring a lawyer partway through this process can help people ensure all of the various aspects of the legalities of the agreement is thought about before they agree to it.

No matter what, going through divorce takes its toll on people, however by getting mediation ahead of time can help the process be less stressful, and go as smoothly as possible. By adhering to the rules of conduct that will be laid out by the mediator, people can ensure that even if their communication between each other has failed, they will be able to communicate to the mediator, and end up with an agreement that is beneficial to all.

Family Lawyers Edmonton | What Can a Mediator Help With?

Even though many people do not understand that they can hire a mediator at any point in their divorce, family lawyers Edmonton says that people still believe that this is something that needs to be ordered by a judge, or after their two lawyers have been unable to reach an agreement together. However, this is not the case, and people should understand that they can hire a mediator at any point to help the process along. Ultimately, the mediator’s job is to help both parties reach an agreement when it comes to legal issues. The agreement that they come up with must be approved by each party’s lawyer individually, so even if they come up with an agreement for retaining a lawyer, they will ensure that their coming up with something that is beneficial to them all.

One of the first things that I mediator is going to do once they have been hired, is contact each party individually, to ensure that they understand what the goal of the meeting is, to put them on the rules of conduct that they should expect to adhere to although there, and prepare them on what to bring to the meeting. This is also a great opportunity for someone to the mediator know if they have any questions, or if they potentially feel at risk before or after the mediation. This is in case a marriage has broken down so significantly, that one or both parties feel threatened by the other. If this is the case, a mediator will be able to ensure that they are arranging different times to come to the office as well as leave, and so that they will never be left alone together for example in the reception area.

Typically, family lawyers Edmonton says the rules of conduct that good mediator will have, will be there to ensure civil communication between both parties. The rules might include things like not interrupting each other, or speaking over one another. No yelling, and definitely no physical contact. Not only will this allow the mediator to listen to both parties completely, but will also ensure both parties can actually hear each other, and maybe start understand where the other one is coming from.

While many people believe that there are significant amounts of legal documentation that is needed to bring to the initial mediation appointment, family lures Edmonton recommends against that. Part of the reason is every divorce is completely unique, and there is no real standardized list of things that are needed to bring to the mediation appointment. It can often end up wasting a client’s time having them chase down information that is not helpful or needed.

Going through divorce is difficult, but hiring a mediator can help that difficult situation be a little bit better by ensuring communication is civil, both parties listen to each other, and that the mediator is able to come up with an agreement that both people can agree to. Even though most people are not assuming that their marriage will fail, for those that are facing this reality, hiring a mediator can significantly help get what is important.