Family Lawyers Edmonton | What Are The First Steps of a Divorce?

One of the reasons why marriages often end according to family lawyers Edmonton, is that there is a breakdown in communication. This lack of communication can make coming to an agreement of divorce terms very difficult, which is why many divorces and in litigation. However, people can use mediation as a way to come to an agreement with each other without having to fight it out in court.

One of the first things that people misunderstand, is mediation is not what most people believe it is. A mediator is a neutral party that helps ensure both sides are listened to, so that they can come up with an agreement for the terms of their divorce. A mediator will ensure they speak to both parties ahead of time, and ensure they understand what the process is owing to look like, and what the expectations will be. It will also ensure that each person is bringing what they need to the appointment, and that everyone is going to be comfortable with the process.

Another misunderstanding that many people have when it comes to hiring and mediator, is that this can be done before anyone hires a lawyer. While it is going to be important for a person to have hired lawyer before the ending of the process says family lawyers Edmonton, the recommendation is for people to come to their first mediation session, with the clear understanding that they do not need to make any decisions, or come to an agreement during this first meeting. Then, they will be able to get a feel for mediation, and help them decide when the right time to retain the lawyer for them will be.

One of the first things that a mediator is going to do, is ensure that both parties understand that there are rules of conduct. These rules of conduct will often include ensuring nobody interrupts each other, or speaks over each other so that everyone can be heard at all times. These rules of conduct will also ensure that nobody yells, and no physical contact is made. When the mediator speaks to both parties ahead of time, if either one feels like they are at risk at any time, they can let the mediator know who will make arrangements so that both parties arrive and leave at different times, and that they are never left alone.

Knowing that there is going to be a place for both parties to feel safe, and be treated respectfully will help ensure they both can communicate what is most important to them, so that mediator can help negotiate terms that are not only fair, but addresses what is important to each person. This is ultimately the goal of a mediator, helping people come to agreements ahead of time, so that they do not have to spend time and money using lawyers to litigate. Those couples who are planning on ending their marriage should set up a meeting with the mediator first to help them through the process, and decide what their next steps should be.

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While nobody gets married thinking that their marriage is going to end in divorce says family lawyers Edmonton. Stats Canada says that 38% of Canadian marriages end up in divorce. Therefore, people should not feel like it is a failure when their marriage breaks down, and they are contemplating divorce. However, knowing what the first steps are is important, and can help people end up going through the process easily and respectfully.

One of the first things that is important for people to know, is they do not need to have hired lawyers ahead of time prior to seeking mediation. Family lawyers Edmonton says that people will need to ensure they have retained lawyer prior to completing mediation, but it is not necessary to hire one right away. This way, people can gain an understanding of what they are going to need, and what the divorce process is going to look like before they hire a lawyer.

Before coming to mediation, people should also understand that the most important thing to bring is a list of what is most important to them. This is not about getting their legal paperwork together, or thinking about the money that they want to get out of the divorce, or where they are going to live. This is more about writing down a person’s core values, and writing down let us most important to them as well as what their fears are. What this is going to do, is help a mediator understand what is most important to each party, and will help them come up with an agreement that is going to address puts most important to each party.

During the process, and especially in between meetings, family lawyers Edmonton recommends that clients should carry a notebook at all times, so that any time they have thought about the process, a feeling, and can be written down and then brought back up at the next mediation session. This way, each person can feel like they are communicating what is most important, and having all of their thoughts and feelings heard.

While it may be important for people to eventually have legal documentation being brought to mediation, that can be discussed with the mediators and both parties says family lawyers Edmonton. This way, they will only have to bring what is absolutely required, and will be discussed who should bring want, which can help establish trust in the meeting. A good mediator will know all of the things that needs to be discussed during the sessions, even if both clients are not aware of them.

By knowing that they can hire mediator right away in the process, and even before they hire lawyers can help people establish what is most important, and communicate that to each other respectfully. By doing this, people can often come to agreements of what is most important for their divorce so that they do not have to waste time and money fighting for that in court. Even though the divorce process is not easy, a mediator can help ensure a goes as smoothly as possible.