Family Lawyers Edmonton | The Importance of Mediation During a Divorce

Something that people can keep in mind if they have decided with their spouse to and their marriage says family lawyers Edmonton is that hiring a mediator can often help the process go much more smoothly. Since stats Canada says that 38% of marriages end up in divorce, a significant amount of people will have to negotiate this situation for the first time.

One thing that many people are unaware of, is that preparing for mediation is not what they think it is going to be. In fact, family lawyers Edmonton says that many people believe that they have to have a lawyer already hired before they start the mediation process. This is not true, and in fact, hiring a mediator as the first step can often be extremely beneficial. The reason why it is beneficial, is because a mediator will allow both parties to work out an agreement prior to hiring lawyers, and litigating.

There are many different ways that a couple can find mediator that they are comfortable working with, And many are not comfortable going to mediator without talking to a lawyer first. They feel that they need to know their rights prior to this meeting. However, family lawyers Edmonton recommends couples come to their first mediation appointment first, understanding that they will not be expected to make any decisions during that appointment. Not only is this less expensive than retaining a lawyer, but they can get a feel for the process, and decide if that is a mediator that they are comfortable working with, and if they would feel more comfortable attaining a lawyer to go through the mediation process.

One very important thing that people need to keep in mind if they decide to proceed with mediation before retaining a lawyer is that before the mediation is over, ideally before the very end of mediation, each person will need to retain their own lawyer. While mediators are often lawyers, who are fully versed in the law, their role is to be completely neutral third party person, and are not allowed to give advice. Therefore, each party needs to understand that they are going to have to have independent legal counsel to ensure that they are fully aware of what they are agreeing to, that they are fully aware of all of the options that they could have chosen, and that they came to that resolution of their own free will.

After they go to their first mediation appointment, some people may make the decision that they want their lawyer to attend mediation sessions with them. Family lawyers Edmonton says the vast majority of their clients, without their lawyer, however if that is what is most comfortable, a mediator is more than happy to accommodate this request.

No two divorces are identical says family lawyers Edmonton, and neither is the mediation. And while no one is looking forward to going through the divorce or mediation process, hiring a mediator can help the process go as smoothly, and uneventfully as possible. While the outcome is not generally what makes everybody happy, ensuring that it is an agreement that everyone can agree to is the goal. By being aware of these things and coming to mediation can help people come away with what is most important to them, without risking litigating, and ending up with nothing that they are happy with.

Family Lawyers Edmonton | The Importance of Mediation During a Divorce

It is very important that people who have decided to and their marriage, or their common-law relationship get legal advice to help the process says family lawyers Edmonton. And while many people believe that this entails hiring a lawyer to act on their behalf, the first step can actually be hiring a mediator, in order to negotiate the terms of the divorce on neutral ground, in a way that can help both sides come up with an agreement that they both can be satisfied with. Contrary to what many people believe, people do not need lawyer to hire a mediator.

It is important for people to hire a mediator before communication breaks down between both parties, however this is not always possible. Often, the breakdown of the marriage is already volatile, and people are afraid that they are not able to even be in the same room during mediation. Family lawyers Edmonton says that while it is more difficult to mediate with both parties in separate rooms, a great mediator will be able to accommodate this. Not only is it much harder, due to the nonverbal information being lost, as well as it taking a longer time, and therefore being more expensive. It can actually ends up still being a better option then both parties retaining a lawyer and litigating. By litigating, it is usually a much more stressful and messy situation, and if left up to a judge to decide the fate, it often ends up with both parties not being satisfied.

Any people often think that they need to bring a lot of information to the first mediation appointment. In fact, many people discover standardized list that is often available on the Internet about what documentation they need to bring. Family lawyers Edmonton actually recommends that people do not look at this list, and do not bring anything to the first appointment. There are several reasons for this. While each divorce is completely unique, that standardized list of what they need to bring may not be helpful, or needed. It often ends up with clients spending a lot of time chasing down a bunch of information that is not necessary. Not only is it unnecessary,

Even though nobody truly looks forward to negotiating the terms of their divorce, hiring a litigator can ensure that the process is respectful, and ends at being as organized and smooth as possible. Hiring a mediator first can save a lot of time, and save a lot of money as well. Mediator can help significantly to ensure that an agreement is reached fairly.