Family Lawyers Edmonton | Should You Sign a Prenuptial Agreement

Family Lawyers in Edmonton | Should You Sign a Prenuptial Agreement

Many people have often heard horror stories about prenuptial agreements says Family Lawyers in Edmonton. That does not mean that they are true. Prenuptial agreements are designed to help protect both sides. And not only that, but prenuptial agreements must be looked at by independent legal counsel for both parties, ensuring that no lawyer would let his client sign an agreement that wasn’t in their best interest. Therefore, people should not believe the stories they’ve heard about unfair prenuptial agreements because it’s simply not true.

Ultimately, when people are going to create a prenuptial agreement, they need to ensure that they are both in agreement of the importance of the documents. The reason why, is because if one person does not agree with prenuptial agreements, there’s not going to be anything the other person can do that’s going to make them sign. If a contract is signed under emotional duress, or any type of stress, that contract is not legally binding. Therefore, people should be on the same page on whether or not they agree with prenuptial agreements before they get engaged. The worst case scenario would be for someone to refuse to sign a prenuptial agreement, causing a wedding to be called off.

In order for people to create a prenuptial agreement, family lawyer in Edmonton says they need to disclose all of their assets and liabilities with the lawyer drafting the agreement and each other. This also means all supporting documentation including bank account information, credit card statements and even things like tax returns both for corporate and personal for the last 2 to 3 years and T4 and T5 for all income that people might have. This disclosure is going to help create the prenuptial agreement. But it’s also a very important step to share that information with the person that you’re going to get married too.

The prenuptial agreement is essentially a contract, and people can have it say whatever they would like. Most often, family lawyer in Edmonton says that people typically protect the wealth and the assets that they brought into the relationship. Sometimes, people will say that all wealth and assets that they accumulated after marriage will be split 50-50 but this isn’t always the case. People can specify whatever they want and even include Provisions for certain behaviour that might have happened during the marriage. They can also outline child support, custody, and even alimony payments. By creating the terms of their divorce while they are still very much in love with each other, people can in-store that if the unthinkable does happen, they will be able to divorce amicably and easily, without hiring lawyers and fighting in court.

Ultimately, people should consider a prenuptial agreements as an agreement of what’s going to happen if they end up not being married any longer. It’s going to be in everybody’s best interest, and it’s going to help not only protect assets and mouth, but outline all of the specifics that are going to happen during a divorce, so that people not only can be protected, but they have the rules of their divorce already outlined meaning that it’s going to go much smoother for them.

Family Lawyers in Edmonton | Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

the last thing anyone wants, is a few months before their wedding, be presented with a prenuptial agreement says family lawyer in Edmonton. It’s very important that couples are discussing the need for prenuptial agreements well in advance of not only getting married, but even getting engaged. While production Agreements are typically in everyone’s best interest, there are a lot of negative feelings about them, and some people are opposed to signing them. Someone should not discover this information about their supposed to be after they have proposed, created wedding plans, and gone to the trouble of drafting up a prenuptial agreement. Therefore it’s very important that people discuss this ahead of time.

Ultimately, people need to ensure that before they can even sign the prenuptial agreement that they get independent legal counsel. In fact, family lawyer in Edmonton says that the prenuptial agreement will not be legally binding if people don’t seek out independent legal advice. Not only that, but once they’ve spoken to their lawyer, they also must certify that they know the entire contents of the document and must sign a certificate of acknowledgement. Their lawyer also must sign a certificate of independent legal advice as well as property act acknowledgements. Finally, people who end up signing their prenuptial agreement must also ensure that they are not in the States of stress, or emotional duress. Because this can also have a prenuptial agreement be considered null and void. Therefore, it is not likely that a prenuptial agreements would be unfairly weighted in One Direction or another.

If people agree to creating a prenuptial agreements, family lawyer in Edmonton recommends people start creating it anywhere between six to nine months before their wedding day. The more assets or wealth they have to protect, and the longer it’s going to take their lawyer to draft up the agreement. The last thing that people are going to want is to be going back and forth between lawyers finalizing the agreement, all well planning their special day. Family lawyer in Edmonton recommends that people have this created well in advance of finalizing their wedding.

If after the prenuptial agreement is drafted up, one partner is refusing to sign, there is very little that’s the other partner can do to convince them otherwise. They should try having an open and honest conversation about why they are not signing, and if they won’t talk to their partner, maybe they will talk to Independent legal advice. A partner May convince their significant other to talk to a lawyer and sort out the reason why they’re not willing to sign. Hopefully, through honest and open communication the couple can come to a consensus, whether that means having to amend certain aspects of the prenuptial agreement ahead of time or not.

When people have created their prenuptial agreement, and they have signed it they needs to understand that at no point will it become null and void unless they take steps to make it that way. Therefore, family lawyer in Edmonton says that people should know that their prenuptial agreement is going to protect them and their assets for the entire life of their marriage and that should give them a lot of peace of mind.