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With 38% of all marriages ending in divorce according to stats Canada, family lawyers Edmonton says that people who are married may have to go through the process of getting divorced. However, while divorce may be a hard thing to go through, mediation can significantly help both parties not only understand the divorce process, but end up getting what they need as well as what they are entitled to in their divorce. However, many people are unaware of what mediation is, and how it can help them.

The first thing that family lawyers Edmonton says is that preparing for mediation is not necessarily what many people think it is. Preparing is important, however it is not about getting all of the paperwork in order for the first meeting. The first thing that people who are thinking about mediation should do, is make a list of all the things that are most important to them. And while figuring out how much money they should get out of the process is going to be part of it, the first thing that people should figure out is what is their core interest, values and fear. If they think about this, they can end up ensuring all of their needs are addressed.

The next thing people often are confused about when it comes to mediation according to family lawyers Edmonton is they think they need to speak to a lawyer before they speak to a mediator. And while there is no incorrect way to approach mediation, people do not necessarily need to be working with a lawyer first. That being said, people should ensure they have retained a lawyer prior to the very end of mediation, so that they can get their independent legal counsel during the process. The reason why this is important, is because before and agreement is reached, both parties will need to have retained independent, legal advice separate from the mediator. This will ensure the people are both fully aware of all of the options they could have chosen, and that they fully understand what has been agreed to in the end.

One thing that people need to understand according to family lawyers Edmonton, is that they will need to have a lawyer as well as a mediator. Since the mediator is a neutral third party, it is impossible for the mediator to act on behalf of one party or the other. By understanding this, people can ensure that they get the mediation they need, and then at some point in the process they hire an independent lawyer for each side, so that they can understand all of the things that they are agreeing to during the mediation.

By understanding the process of mediation can help prepare both parties come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both parties, in a timely and fair matter. When people are planning on ending their marriage, often a mediator is a great first step, even before they consult lawyers, so that they understand the process, and can be prepared for what is to come.

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For many people, the prospect of getting divorced is very frightening according to family lawyers Edmonton. They do not know the first place that they need to go, and are overwhelmed with trying to find a lawyer. However, it is important that these people understand that finding a lawyer does not necessarily have to be there first step in the process. By hiring a mediator, people can come to an agreement about what is important to both sides, before lawyers get involved.

The best processor hiring a mediator depends on what both parties are the most comfortable with. Many people are not comfortable with attending their first mediation session without talking to a lawyer first, but the recommendation is for both parties to come to the first mediation appointment, understanding that no decisions actually have to be made. Once both parties come to the first appointment and get a feel for the process, they can come to the conclusion if they need to retain a lawyer sooner, or if they want to wait until a little bit later in the mediation process. However, family lawyers Edmonton recommends that people do not wait until the very end to hire a lawyer, because whatever agreement is reached between both parties, needs to be able to be sustained by each parties individual Lawyer.

Many people believe that they need to hire a lawyer prior to mediation, because there lawyer must come with them to the mediation appointment. And while that is possible, family lawyers Edmonton says most of the time, clients come without there lawyer for mediation. Some people want to bring their own lawyer, because they feel they are unable to communicate with their spouse during the process. for these people, they may believe they are unable to be in the same room. And while family lawyers Edmonton are able to do the mediation with both parties in different rooms, it can be much harder, because a lot of the nonverbal communication is lost. Therefore, mediation that does not exist in the same room as each other can be more time-consuming as well as more expensive. However, if this truly is the only way that a couple can do mediation, this ends up being a better and less expensive option thing going straight to litigation.

Many people believe they need to have all of their financial and legal paperwork in order prior to coming to their initial mediation session according to family lawyers Edmonton. However, this is not necessarily recommended, because if both parties show up to the first session without legal paperwork, trust and transparency can be established, which is important to ensuring a fair outcome for everyone.

For couples who are considering the process of ending their marriage, by hiring a mediator can ensure the process goes smoothly, as well as respectfully with both people ending up with what they need and want. Divorce does not have to be a difficult or messy process, if people are prepared, hire a mediator and think about what they truly need to get from the process.