Family Lawyers Edmonton | Most Common Questions About Mediation

The reason why many people often are not aware that mediation is an option for them says family lawyers Edmonton, is because they have not been through a divorce before. 3% of all marriages in Canada and up in divorce according to stats Canada, and that means 76% of the population are going to be going through process that they never expected to go through. Because of that, they are not understanding the steps that they need to take to get through the process easily. In fact, many people believe that they have to hire a lawyer as their first step, and that is not necessarily true. There are many things that people ask when learning about hiring a mediator to help negotiate the terms of their divorce.

The first question that many people have is: do you need a lawyer as well as a mediator? We answer to this question according to family lawyers Edmonton is yes. While the mediator that a person hires may also be a lawyer, since they are essentially a neutral, third-party person, they cannot act as the lawyer for either person. Therefore, the parties need to understand that when they hire a mediator, there also eventually going to have to hire a lawyer independently of each other, to give them their own, separate legal advice.

The second question that people have when it comes to hiring a mediator is: what is the best process for hiring a mediator? Ultimately, this is up to the couple, and whatever they are most comfortable with. Many people are not comfortable going to mediator first without talking to a lawyer. However, family lawyers Edmonton recommends that people set up a meeting with their mediator first, understanding that no decisions need to will be made at that first appointment. That way, they can evaluate the process as well as their mediator and make a decision if they think they need to hire a lawyer right away, or if this is the right mediator for them.

The third question that many people about hiring a mediator is: Will their lawyer come to the ideation appointment with them? This is something that is always an option, and radiators are able to accommodate either situation, however the vast majority of mediation cases are done without lawyers present. This means that the clients will sit with the mediator without their lawyers problems and come up with an agreement. The only thing to keep in mind, is before an agreement is completely reached, each party needs to ensure that their lawyer is reviewing that agreement prior to the parties signing it.

By understanding the process of getting a mediator as well as a lawyer can help people get through the process much more easily. While we would describe the process of getting a divorce as fun or easy, going about it the right way, can reduce the stress, and make process as smooth as possible, that everyone ends up with an agreement they can live with.

Family Lawyers Edmonton | Most Common Questions About Mediation

The reason why many people have so many questions about the best way to hire a mediator and a lawyer according to family lawyers Edmonton, is because nobody enters into marriage expecting to get divorced, and for many people, there divorce will be the first one that they go through. Therefore, there are a lot of people who never expected to have to go through this process navigating Through this situation. helping these people understand how to hire mediator at a lawyer can help them significantly. There are many questions that people often have when it comes to hiring mediator that can help ensure they go to write steps.

One of the first questions that people often ask is what they need to bring with them to mediation? People often see these standardized lists online, or hear from their friends about what they needs to bring to their first mediation appointment. However, family lawyers Edmonton recommends that people do not ring any legal documentation to their first mediation appointment. There are several reasons for this. The first and most important one being, each divorce is completely unique, and unlike anyone else’s. Therefore, asking people to do a lot of work ahead of time bringing a bunch of documentation that is not always helpful or needed can end up wasting a client’s time. In addition to that, it can be very intimidating to have one party show up with a briefcase full of legal paperwork, that can set the negotiations off on the wrong foot. In order for the mediator to establish transparency and trust, they recommend people do not bring any legal documentation to their first meeting.

The second question that many people ask is if they are not bringing legal documentation, is there anything else they need to bring? This is one where family lawyers Edmonton typically recommends people make a list of what is most important to them. This is not about a list of assets or finances, but write down what is most important to them. Their core interests, their values and their fears. This will help mediator understand the heart of the issue, and come up with an agreement that not only is legally fair, but is something that parties can also live with.

The third question people often ask is are they going to be meeting with their mediator individually, or with their spouse? A mediator will start negotiations with both parties, because the most effective mediation is done with both people in the same room. A great mediator will ensure they have spoken to both sides on the phone prior to the appointment, to ensure both parties understand exactly what is going on, and that they both understand the process and are comfortable with the mediator. Family lawyers Edmonton says that this is also a great time for mediator to explain the rules of conduct, and for people to express any fears that they may have so that mediator can address that prior to the appointment.

By understanding the mediation process, can help demystify the people that are going to go through it. Even though most people do not expect their marriage to end in divorce, that does not mean that it has to be a difficult or traumatic experience. By hiring family lawyers Edmonton, and using the mediator, can get through what is a difficult situation with more ease and grace.