Family Lawyers Edmonton | How Mediation Can Help Reach an Agreement

While most people who get married do not expect that their marriage is going to end in divorce says family lawyers Edmonton. Stats Canada has said that 38% of all marriages in Canada will end in divorce. This means that there are a lot of people who never thought that they would go through divorce needing to negotiate their divorce agreement at some point in their life. And while divorce can be very emotionally difficult, people can ease the process, by hiring a mediator to help them come to a divorce agreement that is mutually beneficial.

Often people do not believe that mediation is something that they can arrange for themselves. And they often believe that it is only a step that is required once communication has broken down between them and their spouse. However, family lawyers Edmonton says that this is not true, anyone can hire mediator at any point during regal proceedings. And it is often an extremely good an important first step. If people are able to talk calmly and amicably with the mediator before communication breaks down, there often able to negotiate the terms of their divorce and never get to that point where they are unable to speak to each other.

However, people need to understand how the process is going to work, in order to ensure that it goes smoothly. The first thing that people need to understand, is that a mediator while often a lawyer, is not going to be giving legal advice. They are simply there to ensure that both parties are being listened to, and that a legal agreement is reached. Therefore, while mediation can be started without anyone retaining lawyers. Before the agreement is finalized, both people will need to ensure that they do have a lawyer representing them. That way, they can both go over the agreement with their lawyer to ensure that it is in their best interest.

The next thing that people should understand about mediator says family lawyers Edmonton is that in order to attend the first meeting, people are not going to be reaching any decisions, or coming to any agreements first. Many people are not comfortable going to mediator without talking to or hiring a lawyer first. However, if people attend their first mediation session prior to retaining lawyers, not only can that save the money says family lawyers Edmonton. But it can also let them know how easy or difficult the process is going to be on them, and let them prepare for the rest of their proceedings.

By understanding what is involved in hiring a mediator can help allow people to feel more comfortable with it, and start communicating about what is most important to them as they prepare to uncouple with their spouse. While nobody looks forward to going through a divorce, it does not have to be a traumatic event. Often, people who hire a mediator as their first step can retain some amicable communication with their significant other, which is extremely important.

Family Lawyers Edmonton | How Mediation Can Help Reach an Agreement

The reason why people should hire a mediator as their first step in a divorce proceedings says family lore Edmonton is because it can be more effective than hiring lawyers. The reason why, is because the mediator is a neutral and third-party person who will ensure that a lawful agreement is reached. Their primary function is to ensure that everybody feels respected and listen to, and that the agreement is in accordance with the law. This can often help people get to an agreement faster, and more amicably than if they were trying to negotiate through their appointed lawyers.

The first things that people need to do when there preparing for mediation, is to mentally prepare for it says family lawyers Edmonton. While many people believe that they need to get their legal paperwork in order, so that they can have it with them when they come to mediation, this is actually not recommended. The reason why, is because the legal paperwork is going to be the easiest part about the process, and mediators are going to know what is legally required for each individual case. Often, people end up bringing more paperwork that is absolutely necessary, and some people can feel intimidated when their partner walks in with a briefcase full of legal documents. Therefore, they can eliminate this power imbalance by simply asking both parties to show up empty-handed.

However, mentally preparing for it is a different story says family lawyers Edmonton. People need to mentally prepare for divorce proceedings by thinking about what is most important to them. Instead of thinking about how much money they want to get out of the proceedings, or who is going to get the house, this is about thinking about their core interests, values and fears. By thinking about truly what is most important to them, can help the proceedings go a lot smoother, because people will be coming, prepared to discuss what is most important.

Something else that people need to understand when they are having to their first mediation session, is that there is going to be rules of conduct that both people needs to follow. They are going to ensure that people do not interrupt each other, there is no yelling and definitely no physical contact. Many people are often divorcing because there is already communication breakdown in their marriage. Therefore, may not want to come to mediation because they are afraid they will be able to speak to each other. However, a good mediator will ensure that everyone is following the rules, so that everyone can feel listened to, safe and respected.

By understanding how mediation is going to work, and how it is going to allow them to feel listened to, so that they can communicate about what is most important, can be very beneficial. When people start their divorce proceedings this way, it can often be more respectful, or productive, and end up being faster and less expensive. And ultimately, while the gets married expecting or wanting a divorce, it is a reality for many people.