Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Understanding Child Support Issues

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Understanding Child Support Issues

Parents often keep their children in the front of many decisions is family lawyer in Edmonton. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when it comes to Divorce. Parents are often ruled by fear, fear of losing their child. And they are also ruled by wanting to give their child what they deem to be the best life possible. What parents need to do however, is keep in mind that now that they are separated, what is best for the child is to see and have equal access to their parents. Parents often don’t want to give up the idea of Christmases at home, or birthdays the way they envisioned. However, what they envisioned should go out the window once they start their divorce proceedings.

Although many parents are fearful, because they don’t want to lose their child. family lawyer in Edmonton says that parents will not lose their child, as long as they make the decisions that are going to put their child’s best interest first. By minimizing conflict in front of the children, and ensuring that the children get to see all parents fairly and equally will help ensure that no matter what else happens, that a parent is going to maintain a solid relationship with their dependents.

However, family lawyer in Edmonton says that many parents maybe misunderstanding what a dependant is according to the Marriage Act. Many parents assume that once their child reaches the age of majority, that they are no longer dependents. In Alberta, the age of majority is 18. However, children who are over the age of 18 are not necessarily no longer dependents says family lawyer in Edmonton.


Parents need to take into consideration that if their child who is over the age of majority is going to post-secondary education, as long as they are going to post secondary, they will be considered a dependent of the marriage. Also, parents should take into consideration that if their child is ill or disabled, and I’m able to live without the help of one parent or the other, they are also considered dependence of the marriage. By taking this into consideration, that may greatly impact the custody and child support Arrangements that’s parents have. Parents might have an adult child who will require one parents always paying child support for the lifetime of that child. Keeping these things in mind can help ensure the parents get adequate custody and adequate child support to support their child.

When parents end up making decisions that are in their child’s best interest, then the child comes out the winner. While no parent wants to get a divorce, it is an inevitability that is going to happen. By having a plan in place for how they’re going to do that fairly is important to help ensure that parents and children and up in a fair situation. When children end up in a situation that is in their best interest, not only will they continue to be able to bond with both parents, and neither parent will lose. It will also ensure that the children can end up well adjusted after this experience.

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Understanding Support Issues

Often, the first time that parents have to deal with custody or child support issues is during their divorce says family lawyer in Edmonton. Parents needs to understand how stressful it is to divorce on the children. If they think it’s stressful for themselves, they need to multiply that for their children. And while a lot of parents think that they are hiding the reality from their children, they probably are not. Children are very perceptive, and they will be able to see the conflict between their parents. therefore, it’s very important that parents take a step back and refused to make any self-serving decisions.

While the Common Place custody agreement used to be for parents to be awarded sole custody of their children. family lawyer in Edmonton says this is not the case very much anymore. In fact, more often than not, parents are sharing custody of their children. They are recognizing that a child needs both active parenting from both parents. However, a couple needs to understand that what they choose for the custody of their child is going to guide what they are entitled to for child support.

For example, if parents decides to share custody, which is either a 50% and 50% splits of the child’s time between parents, They will not be required to pay federal guideline child support. This may or may not work depending on the circumstances of the parents and the income of both. Or, it might be just perfect, because both parents are earning a similar income, and they don’t feel that today needs to pay anything additional for the child living expenses since family lawyer in Edmonton.


However, parents do needs to keep in mind that if one parent is awarded sole custody for any reason, such as when parents being away for work a majority of the time. Regardless of what they agree to themselves, sole custody means the other parent must pay the federally mandated child support. This may or may not work, however it is what the parents are dealing with says family lawyer in Edmonton. And even if they come up with an alternative Arrangement, that Arrangement must be approved by a judge before they can actually an act it. Therefore, they might do all of the work to create an alternative deal, only to have it struck down as inequitable by the Court.

Parents need to understand how important it is that they end up with child support and custody Arrangements that are fair for the child. By putting the child welfare and well-being at the Forefront of all decisions, parents can end up with a decision that will help ensure their child can Thrive and grow. By casting aside their anger towards each other at least during the custody and child support negotiations can help ensure that parents are giving their children their best. When parents do what is best for their children, not only will the children be able to bond equally with both parents, but it will also ensure that neither parent loses out on missing important Milestones or missing important stages in their child’s life.