Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Understanding Child Custody Issues

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Understanding Child Custody

Parents need to understand what is at stake when it comes to child custody issues says family lawyer in Edmonton.

While many parents often make decisions out of fear of losing their child. Parents also needs to understand that if they don’t make their choices, their children can end up suffering, which will cause the child’s to distance themselves from the parent more than any other fear that a parent might have. Therefore, parents need to understand how important it is that they are doing what is best in the interest of their child, so that they will end up with the best outcome for their dependents.

Parents have lots of questions when it comes to child custody issues. family lawyer in Edmonton says one of the most common questions they get from parents is what is the most typical child custody break down? While 20 years ago, more often than not, one parent was awarded sole custody. But nowadays, that’s much less common. In fact, it’s becoming the norm, for parents to share custody either in a 50% and 50% splits. Or with one parent taking the children for 40% of the time, and the other parent taking the child for 60% of the time. These are a lot more fair for the children in the marriage, because they get to see both parents on a regular basis. Experts have discovered that this is far more important to the overall well-being of the child then the stability that they thought they were giving children in a sole custody situation.

However, family lawyer in Edmonton says that parents needs to keep in mind that what child supports they end up with is going to be dictated by the custody agreements that they have in place. Ultimately, family lawyer in Edmonton says that child support is supposed to help offset the cost of raising a child.


If both parents are sharing in the cost, and sharing in custody, child support may not be required. However, a couple may decide that the income of one parent is much lower, and it’s unfair for them to Bear the same financial burden. In this case, couples can decide to pay the one parent who’s making less income more child support.

One thing that should be kept in mind, is if they decide to go with a sole custody arrangements, for any variety of reasons, parents do not have an option in what kind of child support they are going to use. family lawyer in Edmonton says that if it is a sole custody situation, the non-custodial parent must pay what is outlined in the federal guidelines. Therefore, parents need to keep this in mind as they make their decisions, because it can have far-reaching effects.

Ultimately, parents should make the decision that’s going to be in their child’s best interest, no matter what that is. By putting their own needs, fears and interests , parents can look through their child’s eyes, and end up with an outcome that is best for them since family lawyer in Edmonton.

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Understanding Child Custody Problems

40% of all marriages in Canada are going to end in divorce his family lawyer in Edmonton. And out of all of these divorces, 1/4 of all of them are going to involve minor children. It’s very important that parents understand how to navigate custody and child support issues with each other, in case the inevitable happens and they end up having a marital breakdown. This might be considered very hard for couples who are getting married to do. However, if they prepare for this, in the chance that it happens, they will already have discussed it, and know how they are going to proceed.

Ultimately, family lawyer in Edmonton says that couples that are unable to come up with an agreement together, puts themselves at a huge risk for having the courts decide what’s in the best interest of their children. If they are having a hard time letting the other parent have a say in how their child gets raised, imagine how frustrating it would be for both parents to lose that control completely.

Family lawyer in Edmonton says that if parents can’t come to an agreement on custody or child support, they are going to have the court system make that decision for them. And while the court system always acts in what they hope is the child’s best interest. Parents need to understand that a court will not know the child’s best interest as much as the parents will. Therefore, parents should ensure that they are avoiding the circumstance by coming up with any agreements at all. Ultimately, any agreement is better than loss of control over all parenting decisions.


Something else for parents to keep in mind is that when it comes to child support, both parents are financially responsible to their children. Many parents believe that child support must be paid by one parent, for the entire living expenses of the child and this is not true. The federal guidelines were set up in order to help ensure that both parents are paying an equitable amount towards their child’s food, clothing, shelter and utilities.

However, parents also need to take into consideration that there are special expenses that are not necessarily covered by child support. The special expenses could be medical expenses, or they could be braces, they could be tuition to a school, or an extracurricular activity or the equipment associated with doing that activity. Ultimately, these special expenses must be paid by both parents in proportion to how much money they make. When they are able to pay into the special expenses, their children can end up having what they need to thrive.

And parents understand how important it is to navigate the child support and child custody world together, they will be able to cast aside their differences for just a bit and come up with an agreement that puts their children at the friends of their decisions. By doing the parents can ensure that they are doing what’s best for their children, and ultimately what’s best for each other.