Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Typical Questions Parents Have About Child Support

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Typical Questions About Child Support

Parents should understand how important it is to keep their children in the Forefront of their decisions about custody and child support says family lawyer in Edmonton. This can be very difficult, as they negotiate the terms of their divorce. However, parents have a lot to gain, by helping an sure that their children are being put first, and we’ll be able to have the best circumstances, which is access to both parents. Therefore, people should take into consideration how important it is to make every decision with their children in mind. That being said, parents often have a lot of questions about child custody and child support agreements.

The first question that parents often have is what is child support? This might seem like a very easy question, but a lot of people actually misunderstand but child support is it says family lawyer in Edmonton. Ultimately, it is money being paid from one parent to the other parents to support the children financially. There are two different levels of Child Support. Basic, which is to be used for things such as hang for the shelter, utilities, clothing and food for that child. Some parents often think that the parents that pays child support is paying for 100% of the cost of the child. This is not true says family lawyer in Edmonton. it is designed to help ensure that both parents are financially responsible for about 50% of their child. The parents with a higher income will typically end up paying a larger percentage.

The second tier of child support is called special expenses says family lawyer in Edmonton. This is also known in the industry as section 7 expenses. And these are extraordinary expenses that are shared by both parents. Similar to the basic child support, the parents that makes the higher income will pay a larger percentage of these expenses. These expenses can go towards a child’s medical bills, or their braces. They can also go towards a child’s tuition or their extracurricular activities such as their hockey team, or all of the equipment needed for that hockey team. It could be for tuition for an academic program. Or it could be a trip with a school. There is an endless variety of different extraordinary expenses, that both parents get to share.

When parents understand exactly what child support is, they will be able to make better decisions about who should pay child support. Family lawyer Edmonton says that understanding the intent of Child Support is helpful. Some parents are under the misconception that child support is paid , as an entire cost for their child’s upbringing. This is not the case, and so when people understand that, they are often much more agreeable to pay child support. My understanding the truth, and having both parents of work together to come up with a solution that is fair and Equitable to their child is very important. When parents put their children first, their decisions can be made much easier, and help ensure that their child’s welfare is being put first.

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Questions Parents Have About Child Support

Many parents misunderstand the point of custody and child support agreement says family lawyer in Edmonton. Therefore, when they can reach an understanding with each other, they may be more able to come up with an agreement with each other that puts their child at the heart of the issue. When parents are able to make decisions that are in the best favour of their children, they are rarely the wrong decisions. However, many parents are not making these decisions because they are not aware of them. Therefore, helping parents understand custody and child support can help ensure that they are making the best decision for their children possible.

Parents often have a lot of concerns, and family lawyer in Edmonton says this is the biggest question they often get from concerned parents: what are the most common concerns about child custody during a separation or divorce? This is very overwhelmingly a fear-based concern, about losing their child. Parents are often acting out of fear that they’re going to lose their child to the other parent. Or they are going to lose their child to an adults who comes into their child life. ultimately, this fear is based out of parents not wanting their child’s life to be any difference. However, if they make the best decisions for their children, and ensure that they are seeing their child on a regular basis, nothing can cause them to lose their child says family lawyer in Edmonton.

The second question that parents often have when it comes to custody and child support during a marital breakdown or divorce is: what is the main reason for contention when there are children in a divorce? This is an extremely important question for parents to know the answer too since family lawyer in Edmonton. In fact, parents need to understand that custody of their children is the number one reason for contention in a divorce. It is a very stressful situation, because both parents ultimately want to be able to have their child. However, if they both look at it from their child’s Viewpoint, they will understand that their child wants to see both parents equally. And ultimately, when parents are able to take a step back and realize that, they will be better equipped to make decisions that are going to benefit their child and not themselves.

The third question that parents often have when they are experiencing a divorce with children involved is: is it more common to have shared custody or sole custody? family lawyer in Edmonton says that now more than ever parents are sharing custody of their children. This typically means that they share access to the children 50% of the time. However, it can be used to describe a 60% and 40% split as well. This is born out of a desire to ensure that the child is able to see both parents equally. This is because it’s in a child’s best interest to see both parents. Also, is becoming more and more common place, especially as families have both parents that are working.