Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Separation Agreements With Children

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Separation Agreements When Children Are Involved

Whether a couple is getting divorced, or if they are getting a separation agreement drafted up, family lawyer in Edmonton says it is the same process when there’s children involved. The most important thing that parents keep in mind is the welfare of their children. Not only that, but parents need to ensure that they are minimizing the impact on their kids, weather this is through avoiding bickering in front of them, Or simply holding their best interest at heart.

Some parents often are afraid that through the divorce or separation, that their children will become less close to them. This fear actually drives a lot of parents decisions. And it can often end up causing parents to want to have their children not see their parent at all. family lawyer in Edmonton says that parents needs to overcome this fear, and as long as they can do what’s in the best interest of their child, no one will lose their children.

It’s very important that parents also ensure that they come up with the child custody Arrangements first. family lawyer in Edmonton says that this is important, because the child support payments and who pays them will be dependant on the child custody Arrangements. While there’s no correct way of doing this, family lawyer in Edmonton says that it is even more commonplace than ever before, that’s parents are sharing custody of their children. Technically, shared custody means that the parents will either have to have a 50% and 50% split of the children’s time between the parents. Or, a 40% and 60% split. if they opted for this Less traditional way of splitting custody, then they should take into consideration that that is going to impact the child support payments.

While it may not be possible for parents to be able to share custody, by a 50% and 50% split, family lawyer in Edmonton says this doesn’t necessarily mean that parents can’t amend the custody as they see fit. Some parents opt for a sole custody, because of job restrictions of when parent. For example, family lawyer in Edmonton says this is common when one parent works in the oilfield industry. However, when the other parent is home, they get to see the children more often. It is urged for parents to keep things amicable between both parents, so this type of out of the box arrangements can be made, keeping the child’s best interest at heart at all times.

When parents work together to ensure that the child’s best interest is always being looked after, they will be able to ensure that they end up with an agreement whether child wins. family lawyer in Edmonton says that the parenting of the children should be at the first and foremost of the parents mind, and all other issues of the separation or divorce should come secondary to that. The more parents that can put their children’s interests first, the better the children are going to be, and everybody will win.

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Separation Agreements & Children

Navigating a divorce or separation agreement is difficult at the best of times says family lawyer in Edmonton. And this becomes quite a bit more challenging when children are involved. Weather this is during a divorce, or whether it’s during a separation, it can be very emotionally taxing on everybody. Therefore, the parents must ensure that they are always working to their children’s best interest. when the children’s best interest are taken to Heart, no matter what the outcome is, the children will end up what’s the best circumstances for them. Since 40% of all marriages will end in divorce in Canada. And a quarter of all of those marriages will involve minor children, this is something that couples should seriously think about before they get married, so that they can be prepared in case this happens to them.

The next thing that parents should take into consideration, is how they are going to conduct themselves in front of the children. family lawyer in Edmonton says that parents may think that their children are not sensitive or perceptible to the divorce proceedings, or the arguments. Unfortunately, children are quite a bit more perceptive than Their parents often think. Therefore, not only should parents be conducting themselves appropriately in the presence of their children. But they need to look through the situation Through The Eyes of their child, in order to ensure that they are acting on behalf of the best interests of their children. When they are able to act in the best interest of their children, then all the decisions will be made much easier.

often, parents make the decision about custody, out of their own fear. family lawyer in Edmonton says they fear losing their children, to their spouse. Or losing their child to another adults. However, parents needs to understand that if they act in the child’s best interest, and show an active interest in the child’s life, they are going to end up with a very healthy relationship with their child, and have their child be very well adjusted at the end.

The next thing that parents need to take into consideration, is how long their dependant children will remain dependents. family lawyer in Edmonton says that it is not as clear-cut as assuming that as soon as they are over the age of majority, that they will no longer be dependents. If they are going to post-secondary institutions, or if they are sick or disabled, this may extend how long they will be considered dependant for. This can drastically affect the custody arrangements as well as child support payments.

By understanding all of the children in the marriage, and if they are considered dependents or not. And then having both parents work together to give the children what is in their best interest, can help ensure that parents are looking after the welfare of their children appropriately. By keeping their children’s interest at the Forefront of every decision, divorcing and separating parents can ensure that their child is being looked after, for their best interest.