Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Deciding on a Child Custody Agreement

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Deciding Your Child Custody Agreement

While most people who get married, don’t think that their marriage is going to end in divorce is family lawyer in Edmonton. 40% of all marriages in Canada do end up in a divorce, and a quarter of all of these marriages involve dependant children. That means a whole lot of people are going to have to be navigating the world of child custody and child support agreements. The first thing that parents need to take into consideration, is that they are putting the welfare of their children at the top of the list of important things. Because as much as they don’t think their children are aware of the situation, they are, and it could negatively impact them.

family lawyer in Edmonton recommends that parents are always looking at the situation Through The Eyes of their child. The reason why, is because if they understand how their child thinks, and sees the situation, they can perhaps end up being more amicable, and end up coming up with a child custody and child support agreement that is truly in the best interest of the child. Most parents don’t try to make things unfair for their spouse. However, parents are often ruled by fear, and those fears can end up causing a parent to make some less-than-ideal choices.

One of the next things that says parents should be taking into consideration, is what truly is in the best interest of the child. Is it to have shared custody with the parents, or is it true that one parent should have access more frequently than the other one? Even though it used to be the case 20 years ago or more, it is much more common place for families to share custody of the children. What this means according to family lawyer in Edmonton is that the parents get the children 50% of the time, or a 60% of the time. If there’s any more than 60%, this is technically not considered shared custody. However anywhere between 40 to 60% is shared custody.

Parents need to take into consideration that if they are sharing custody, the federal guidelines for child support may not apply to them. The federal guidelines for child support is written so that’s parents can understand not to be custodian parent Bears the heavier weight of paying for food, clothing, shelter and utilities for the child. And the basic child support guidelines as put forth by the federal government is there to help offset that cost. Ultimately, the federal government makes the decision of basic child support, and hopes that both parents equally contribute To the food, clothing, shelter and utilities to their child’s upbringing. Because ultimately, family lawyer in Edmonton says that the burden of raising the child financially Falls equally on both parents.

It’s very important that parents and up with a child support agreement that is fair and Equitable for everybody. However, parents who have shared custody may end up with a child support agreement that looks a little bit different. Ultimately, a family court must approve the agreement that a couple comes up with. So that if it is not fair and Equitable, they will never be able to get a divorce with those terms.

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Child Custody Agreements

Parents who are navigating getting a divorce since family lawyer in Edmonton may be comforted in realizing that 25% of all marriages that end involve minor children. They are not the first ones to navigate this difficult and emotional world, and they are not going to be the last. In order to help ensure that parents are going to end up with the best outcome for their child, they need to ensure that they are keeping their children’s interests in mind, and every decision that they make will be for the best interest of their child.

It can end up causing a family a lot of distress, when one or both parent makes decisions about child custody and child support out of fear. The fear that they might be feeling would be about losing a child to the other parent has family lawyer in Edmonton. Or losing the child to another person who might come into their life. However, parents need to keep in mind that if they always act in the best interest of their child, And they maintain a close relationship with their child, they will never lose them. In fact, by acting in the best interest of the child at all times, is the best way for parents to ensure that they don’t lose their children.

However, that’s being said, family lawyer in Edmonton says that who gets custody of the dependant children in a relationship is the largest reason for contention during a divorce with dependant children. This needs to be handled in a much stress-free way, and that can happen if parents look at the situation from their child’s point of view. family lawyer in Edmonton says that children are often much more perceptive than parents give them credit for. Therefore, by minimizing conflict, and always working towards what is in the best interest of the child can help ensure that parents are always going to end up with a solution with their child in mind.

And more than ever, family lawyer in Edmonton say that couples are opting for a shared custody instead of a sole custody situation. This is because having regular access by both parents is one of the most important things for the healthy raising of their child. It is not beneficial for one parent to hardly see their child. Therefore, this is a lot more commonplace, and is a great solution for a lot of parents. However, parents need to understand that in order for it to be legally considered shared custody, they have to have no more than 60% custody, and no less than 40% custody.

There is no correct child support or child custody Arrangement says family lawyer in Edmonton. Each family, and even each child is going to have a different circumstance, and different needs. When parents are able to put this into perspective, and truly work toward what’s in the best interest of their children, that’s going to be the best outcome for everybody.