Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Common Child Support Questions

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Child Support Questions

Even though 25% of all marriages that end have children says family lawyer in Edmonton. This doesn’t mean that it is a very easy situation to figure out. In fact, there are a lot of questions that’s parents still have when it comes to not just child custody Arrangements, but child support as well. If parents understood the answers to their questions, they would be able to not only work together and come up with a solution that is in their child’s best interest. They will be able to do this all while keeping their child’s best interests at the Forefront of their mind.

One of the first questions that parents often ask when it comes to custody and child support is: what is child support? Even though many people believe they understand what child support is, this is still something that is very little known about says family lawyer in Edmonton. Some parents think that it is one parent having to pay for all of the living expenses of the child. And this simply isn’t true. The federal guidelines regarding child support payments are designed to help both parents share an equal, 50% share of the costs associated with raising a child. This means that child support is supposed to go towards the food, clothing as well as shelter of that child. And it should be expected that both parents pay approximately half of this expense, as long as their income can withstand it. The parents that have a larger income may end up paying a larger percentage of the cost.

The next question that parents often house when it comes to custody and child support is: are both parents legally responsible to support their children financially after separation or divorce? This is an absolute must-see this family lawyer in Edmonton. Since both parents were involved in creating the child, they are both financially responsible for looking after that child. This is the reason why these federal guidelines were created. These guidelines take into consideration who the custodial parent is, and the other parent must pay child support, so that both parents are ending up contributing to the financial well-being of their child.

The third question that parents often have is: how is child support calculated? family lawyer in Edmonton says that this is a very easy one, because it is literally a calculation based on how much income each parent urns, and how many children are dependant in the relationship. This is a straight across calculation, that is it based on those facts alone

By understanding a bit more about child support and child custody agreements, both parents can end up negotiating with each other and Equitable and fair solution. Keeping in mind, that what is fair and Equitable is what is best for the child, and not what’s best for the parents. By putting their children’s interests first, parents can end up with the best outcome for their children, which should be everybody’s goal.

Family Lawyer in Edmonton | Commonly Asked Child Support Questions

Even though 40% of all Canadian marriages end in divorce, family lawyer in Edmonton says fewer involve dependant children. However, that does not mean that this is not a very important topic to discuss. Parents need to ensure that they are taking their Children’s Welfare as important. in fact, it should be the absolute most important thing that parents are taking into consideration in their divorce. However, many parents have questions that make navigating the world of child custody and child support difficult. If they were able to understand the answers to their questions, they’d be better armed at making decisions that could end up benefiting their children.

One of the first questions that’s parents often have for family lawyer in Edmonton is: can parents make child support payments and Arrangements outside the federal guidelines? This is something that parents can do, but only if they have decided to share the parenting. This technically means that parents are going to get 50% custody of their child, or they could get a 40% and 60% splits of their children. However, if it is not shared parenting and one parent has sole custody, then parents may not make child Arrangements outside the federal guidelines. Therefore, parents needs to take into consideration very carefully if they wish to have I shared custody, and being able to make their own child support arrangements. Or if they want have one parent has the sole custodian of the child, and then strictly adhere to the federal guidelines for child support. While there is no wrong answer, these are the issues that parents must navigate in order to end up with the decision that they make.

The next question that parents often have is: when does child support end? Many parents assume that this is when a child is outside of the age of majority in their Province. And in Alberta, that means that it is the age of 18. Unfortunately, family lawyer in Edmonton says it is not this easy. Children will be considered dependents if they are over 18, but they are going to a post-secondary institution. Or, they will be considered legal dependents of the marriage if they are over the age of majority, but due to an illness or disability, they cannot be withdrawn from the care of the parents. Therefore, both parents should be very aware that the child custody and child support order that they must follow might be significantly longer than they assume based on the individual circumstances of their children.

Ultimately, parents should get the answers to their questions, so that they can end up making the best decision for their children possible. By keeping their children on the Forefront of their mind, and every decision that they make should be for their child’s best interest, family lawyer in Edmonton says parents will be able to ensure that their children have the best circumstances in which to thrive. Parents should be ensuring that they are making all decisions with their children’s well-being in mind. And when they do this, a lot of the child custody and child support decisions they have to make will end up being easier.